From bricks to leading edge. 

Fashion. From traditional manufacturing to machine driven production. From local sales to cross-border expansion. Finally a new concept of fashion with convergence with next-generation technology. 

The work we loves

Avocado is a tribal group of experts in various fashion fields. With passion for the fashion industry, we are thriving in chances where traditional and new fashion technologies are converged.


Commerce beyond borders

Currently, Avocado is operating a "neaco" app and platform that sells Korean fashion products to Japanese consumers. It took about a year to build the in-house platform, securing own logistics network, and customers can enjoy spectacular shopping experiences through app made with Unity 3D. 


Coloured contact lens

At first, coloured lenses were released in cooperation with the virtual human project. It is still in the early stages of release, but it is getting a decent response, and we are continuously tapping the market by releasing two additional colors soon. Thanks to the competitiveness of K-beauty, we also have plans to enter the global market beyond Korea.

From sewing to smart Factory

A-Lab has proudly built technical barriers through decades of sewing experience and impeccable machine tuning abilities. We manufacture high value-added clothing by utilizing our own special and unique sewing technology, rather than simple toll processing.


Digital Twin: In real life and virtual world. 

Avocado believes in the future of metaverse and keeps creating new values and brands by transporting the design of the virtual world to the real life and vice versa. 


Buy and Sell to multi national consumers.

We aim to lead an innovative shopping culture with a fashion and beauty marketplace that is not bound by borders. Our goal is to provide a pleasure and convient shopping experience for the multi national customers, and customized and machine driven services to local brands who hope to expand to markets beyond borders. 


autre[otʀ]. another color, another me. 

"Otr adds a scent of fantasy to everyday life and styles your eyes that change depending on your mood every day. Create shiny eyes every day with otr." 

Currently, eight types of color lenses have been released with three lineups: 
Haruhana(春の花), COSMOZ, and Juicy Gemme.





With sewing know-how accumulated over 30 years, A-Lab has established a robust technological barrier that competitors cannot overcome by optimizing the tuning of sewing machines. With unique sewing technique, it is possible to optimize the sewing machinery and produce high value clothing. A-Lab has secured our own technologies deforming single needle stitch, 3/4/5 thread overlock, stitch(cover, double needle chain, edge, flatlock, crack, slip), bartack, etc. In the near future, we plan to expand to a new business by installing a high-value whole garment machines.



Converting popular items in the virtual world into real fashion clothes consumers actually wear, conversely, converting clothes designed in the real world into clothes worn by my avatar in the virtual world. Avocado is composed of clothing designers, clothing production facilities, and developers with experience in developing from various games, and even blockchain. 
Through NFT issuance, fashion designers and creators can protect the copyright of their creations and generate revenue through NFT sales and even expect additional revenue through the rights to secondary creations. We plan to become a platform where fashion designers in traditional industries can transition or expand their careers to digital fashion designers and digital artists to fashion designers as well, and through this, we create new business areas on the metaverse.

Source: CYPHR.LY x Tenjin Hidetaka* x Avocado. 2022.7 
* Hidetaka Tenjin is a Japanese CG mecha anime artist, science fiction illustrator and voice actor. He has worked on a number of Macross-related projects, including Macross Zero, Macross The Ride, Macross Chronicle and several video games.